Limited Government

The growth of government has reduced our liberties and freedom's. I will work to limit government intervention in our day to day lives and make government more efficient.


Kansas must become more competitive with our Border States and states such as Texas. We must continue to reform our tax law to include both income tax and property tax reform. During this period of tax reform we must think outside the box and look at the fair tax and flat tax alternatives. These alternatives may hold the piece that will make business look at Kansas as the place to start a new business or move an existing business.

Grow Business and Grow Jobs

Government does not grow business or jobs. However, the policy set by government has a large impact on whether a company decides to come to Kansas or to grow their current business in Kansas. As a legislator I will do everything in my power to insure that government gets out of the way of business. We need to remove the barriers keeping businesses from growing. Limiting government's negative effect on business is the best way to grow business and jobs.


The legislature shall make suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state. No tuition shall be charged for attendance at any public school to pupils required by law to attend such school, except such fees or supplemental charges as may be authorized by law. The legislature may authorize the state board of regents to establish tuition, fees and charges at institutions under its supervision. This is our current law.

 We have no greater asset than our children and no greater responsibility than to educate our children. We must insure that parents are in charge of their children's education. We must make available alternatives to the current funding arrangement. As the education systems become more competitive for the alternate funding, we will see school systems become more efficient and the children will receive a better education with improved outcomes.


I will not support expanded gambling in Kansas. Sedgwick County voted on gaming once. They chose to vote it down. Their voice was heard and I do not believe we need to bring it up again anytime in the near future.

Second Amendment

I believe in the right to keep and bear arms. It is a right set out in the US Constitution. I will protect this right as long as I am a legislator.


I am opposed to Obamacare and all of its parts. I believe that government has no business providing healthcare. It will become another entitlement program and it continues to chip away at our individual freedoms.


Immigration is a federal issue. We should put pressure on the federal government to enforce the immigration laws of the United States.


I believe it is important to protect the transportation funds from being used for other purposes than transportation. I support transportation as it is crucial to growth of business across the state.

Pro Life

I believe in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception. We must protect the life of the unborn children.

Pro Family

I believe in the traditional definition of marriage, that being between One Man and One Woman.

Dan Hawkins

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State RepresentativE 100th District